If anyone's looking for a dog sitter, Nathalia is the person to call!....Nathalia stayed in our home for one week last year to take care of our dogs while we went away on vacation. She fed and watered them twice a day, but also much more than that! She walked with them in the forest near our home. She played with them in the yard. And let them inside at night (which is what we do when we're home) and loved on them. The dogs were so relaxed and happy when we came home. And they clearly loved Nathalia, staying close by her side even when we arrived home with our children who our dogs adore. When Nathalia returned to visit, they remembered her immediately. In addition to happy dogs, my house was clean and in order, just as I had left it when Nathalia arrived. She clearly has the highest respect for her clients. I will certainly ask Nathalia to house and dog-sit again. And I have no hesitation at all to recommend her to anyone else who needs this service.
Merci Nathalia d'avoir conduit mon chien Hachille au dressage quand j'etais blessé cela ma beaucoup aider , bonne chance avec ton Animaste .
heb vandaag de confi cone aangekregen supper hard bedankt ga in de toekomst zeker nog bij jou kopen bedankt voor snelle service!!!!
mvg f.h.
Hallo Nathalie,
Nogmaals bedankt voor de leuke ontvangst zondag. Onze Ica was in elk helemaal weg van je! Veel succes met de verdere uitbouw van je zaak. In bijlage zoals beloofd enkele foto's van Ica.
Groetjes en tot de volgende bestelling.




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